Talent Development Grant

van Laarhoven Living Landscapes received a talent development grand from Stimuleringsfonds voor de Creatieve Industrie.  During a year to come Mirte will continue her work on a ‘Land-scaping’ design method. 

Research Young designers and professional experience

A research commissioned by the board of government advisors, carried out by Architectuur Lokaal, knowledge centre in the building sector. Mirte van Laarhoven was interviewed to share her experience, together with eight other up and coming (landscape)architects. “In four years I was able to give specific directions to my preferred field of work by the combination of work and study.”

Haringvliet of the future

Underwater Forest on show! Episode of the tv series Stroom. Episode of Stroom by RTV Rijnmond that reports on the near future of the Haringvliet. This includes a new man made island an an Underwater forest (last part of the episode).

Talk with Minister Carola Schouten

Landbouwminister en vice-ministerpresident Carola Schouten bezocht gisteren (17-7) Nationaal Park de Biesbosch. Samen met de winnaar van de NLDelta Challenge, Mirte van Laarhoven, en boswachter Jacques van der Neut maakte zij een vaartocht door het gebied. Mirte ging met de minister in gesprek over haar winnende ontwerp ‘Het Onderwaterkabinet’.