Green Rainpipe

Climate adapting design for your facade

The ‘Groene Regenpijp’ is a modular system that captures rainwater. As part of the program Fresh Perspectives by Stimuleringsfonds Creatieve Industrie we develop a product that contributes to a more climate adaptive and biodiverse environment by capturing rainwater and functioning as a planter at the same time. A solution for large cities that have to deal with growing demands for rainwater storage, diminishing biodiversity, droughts and heat stress.

Client: Stimuleringsfonds Creatieve Industrie
Date: December 2020
Categorie: product development
Team: MORE landschape, Living Landscapes, Architectuur MAKEN, GEP regenwater

Rainwater sollution

We are developing a product that enhances the look of the built environment with a green, natural atmosphere and that at the same time functions as a climate adaptive rainwater solution.

By storing rainwater, Sewer system peak loads are reduced. Plants use the collected water. In this way the Green Rainpipe contributes to solving climate challenges, by water retention and stimulation of biodiversity.

Facade planting

The planting in the green rainpipe will be suitable for different situation and will be low in maintenance. The ‘Green Rainpipe’ will be suitable for a wide audience with a variety of facades and locations.

Design process

Study models, prior to production fase.