Good Hotel Rooftop Garden

This former prison is transformed into a floating hotel that adds different benefits to the places it visits.
Good Hotel connects with its surroundings, by adding an ecological and green environment to its destination, it offers a high quality services to its hotel guests and provides jobs and training for the less fortunate of the local community. By traveling the world Good Hotel contributes to its destinations in multiple ways.

Date: september 2016
Client: Good Hotel - GBZ VOF
In collaboration with: Hanneke Marseille, Sonja Loomans
M2: 2500
Categorie: Rooftop Garden


Sailing around the world this floating hotel provides a green environment to its destinations.

Greening Locations

In order to turn the grey building into an appealing location, Good Hotel received a green upgrade. A variety of locations are turned into lush terraces and ‘breathing’ facades that mitigate the temperature and improve the air quality of the city.


The planting plan consists out of robust, evergreen and flowering planting that are able to survive an oversees trip. Also it is made sure the planting provides food and places for a short stay for birds and insects throughout the seasons


The renovation process took place in Amsterdam, where the outside and inside spaces were transformed at ones, right in time to cross ’the pond’ in late autumn weather.