Room for Living Rivers, WWF

A pilot on the middel Waal

Room for Living Rivers investigates how an integral approach can create better conditions for lively, dynamic and climate adaptive rivers. In order for nature to flourish, for people to live safely and provide a range of economic and recreational opportunities.

Client: WWF
Project team: Michiel van den Berg (WWF), Hermjan Barneveld, Carolien Wegman
Role: Workshop participation / visualisation

Workshop Middenwaal

How can a series of measurements increase water safety, give nature an impulse and diminish erosion?

In this workshop Pilot of the Middel Waal, organised by WWF en HKV, we investigated possibilities to give the river more space along the entire flow area of 30 km. The aim is not to only strengthen nature along the river, but to also meet the goals of water safety and diminish the bedding erosion of the Rhine river branches.

Ambitions and Integration

The workshop was divided in two rounds. The first round resulted in conceptual ambitions for 30 km of river (schemes A, B, C). The second round focused on location specific proposals that can be translated into experiments in the field (maps D, E, F).

Model A: range of ideas

Model B: maximising amount of side flows

Model C: lively river

Workshop process

In this workshop river managers, knowledge institutions, nature experts, ecologists, contractors and landscape architects collaborated in order to sharpen ideas and translate these on paper.