City Park

How would a park of the future look like – knowing that our cities will keep on growing and keep on getting denser? This conceptual park takes green spaces to a new level, by making dynamic walkways in the canopies of trees.

Date: August 2012
Project type: Landscape installation
Program: Gerrit Rietveld Academie
Material: trees, wood, metal, ceramics

Up in the trees

This park design consists out of lush planting and floating pathways. The design provides an additional dimension, by elevating the walkways up to the tree canopies. This contributes the users experience and enhances biodiversity.

Tree like structure to support the walkways, that are intertwined with the planting.

Natural growth

Where regular city parks need pruning and cutting, my proposal lets nature grow freely. This continued growth is used as a basic principle to mature and improve the park, its originally designed shape is allowed to change over time. The path forms the frame for greenery to grow along and the surface for people to walk over.

The process

These research models out of ceramics helpt shaping the design. Like in the final proposal, plant-like structures support the pathways.

After keeping the models with the plants inside over the wintertime the young trees started growing. This experiment shows in smaller scale how growth takes over, allowed to complete the design.