Winner NLDelta Challenge

Living Landscapes has won the NLDelta Challenge with her idea for an Underwater Forest. NLDelta will realise this plan together with the finalist.  

Van Laarhoven came up with an Underwater Forest, that consists out of a group of dead trees anchored under water. This newly created reef will form a boost for marine life and turn into a small biotope over time. This hotspot for biodiversity will simultaneous function as (diving) destination where people can learn about the beautiful underwater world of the Haringvliet.

De jury consists of Camilla Dreef, biologist and nature blogger, Henk Ovink, water ambassador of the Netherlands, Stefan Schöning, designer, Matthijs Schouten, nature philosopher and Dick Verheijen, former director National Park De Biesbosch and initiator NLDelta.

For more information view the link.